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I am a Senior Associate at Action Learning Associates [ALA] and have my own separate company offering training , facilitation and consultancy across all sectors in the UK. In 2019 I initiated a complex project, in partnership with ALA, but for which the company had insufficient administrative capacity. I commissioned Rebecca Coulson to work alongside me as I planned and implemented the project. 

We worked together into 2020, and I found Rebecca to be invaluable. I am good at conceiving and delivering the specialist work I offer, but I am not a good administrator. Rebecca:

Created the spreadsheets summarising who had been invited, whether the response required follow up, and all contact details. 

Independently made appointments where prospective clients asked to speak with me, using my electronic diary.

Reminded me of the appointments, with phone numbers or Zoom links.

Created set tables [the work requires groups of 6-8 clients, each group is called a set]

Used a meeting app to convene the first meeting, and subsequently issued reminders a week before the next agreed date.

Let everyone know how to get to our London training venue, and, post Covid 19, which Zoom meeting to join.

At all times, Rebecca was unflappable, personable and competent. I would be pleased to recommend her for both administrative and customer facing duties.

Di Bligh

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